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IFJ urges Yemeni VP to end harassment against newspaper staff
(NewsYemen) - 2012-01-04
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) on Tuesday condemned the harassment and intimidation of journalists at the government-owned and army-controlled 26 September newspaper, and wrote to Yemen's Vice-President Abdu Raboo Mansour Hadi calling on him to order an end to the threats against these journalists

Yemen's 280km march to arrive in Sana'a Saturday
( Five Yemeni protesters were wounded by gunmen loyal to President Saleh in northern the capital Sana'a on Friday.) - 2011-12-23
Thousands of youth on Friday morning marched from Change Square in Sana'a toward Naqeel Yasleh, northern Sana'a, to welcome a massive foot march, called “March of Life”, coming from Taiz, almost 280 km from Sana'a. When Sana'a march arrived in Kahaza area Friday afternoon some gunmen opened fire and threw stones at the march, wounding five marchers, three with live bullets and two others with stones

Bloodshed continues in Yemen's Taiz
( One woman and two children were killed in renewed shelling of neighborhoods in the city of Taiz by forces loyal to the honorable President Ali Abdullah Saleh at dawn on Sunday.) - 2011-12-04
Saleh signed the Gulf initiative in Riyadh in November 23 and transferred powers to Vice President Abdo Rabo Hadi to begin forming a national consensus government and a military committee to end violence against protesters and civilians in several cities within five days after the signing of the initiative and its implementation mechanism

UNICEF says 109 children killed in Yemen
( UNICEF said continued conflicts and political struggles throughout Yemen have led to a widespread and deep humanitarian crisis, especially for children and women.) - 2011-11-22
Since the beginning of civil unrest, a total of 109 children have been killed in Yemen and close to 300 injured by shootings or shrapnel. Malnutrition rates in some parts of the country have become extremely high, and fewer and fewer children are receiving basic immunizations, while schools, which should be safe havens for children, are either closed or occupied by armed forces

Yemeni forces shell residential locations in Sana'a, kill 7-year girl
( A 7-year girl was killed and other five other were wounded when a shell fired by forces loyal to President Saleh fell near her school in the capital Sana'a Sunday morning.) - 2011-10-02
The family of Maram Saeed Bashir told News Yemen that Maram was killed by a shell that fell outside her Salahaddin School on the 16 Meter Street in Sana'a, almost 200 meters from protesters square. Eyewitnesses told News Yemen that forces loyal to President Saleh shelled with heavy weapons some locations of the pro-revolution 1st Armored Division in an attempt to retake control of those locations that the 1st Armored Division took over after Saleh's forces attacked protesters in

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KSA, USA call Yemeni parties to resolve crisis, resume political process
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-05 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-05 21:10:00 GMT

[05/ãÇÑÓ/2015] SANA’A, March 05 (Saba) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America called on Thursday all the Yemeni political parties to promptly reach a consensus on a peaceful solution for the present crisis and resume the political process. This call was made public by the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal and his American counterpart John Kerry in a joint press conference in Riyadh
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

HSC: No Iranian security operation conducted in Yemen to free kidnapped diplomat
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-05 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-05 21:10:00 GMT

[05/ãÇÑÓ/2015] SANA’A, March 05 (Saba) – A source at the High Security Committee denied on Thursday reports on some Iranian media about an Iranian security operation carried out in Yemen to release an Iranian diplomat kidnapped by terror elements. The source said that there was no security operation on the Yemen territories but, rather, it was in another country where a terrorist group was arrested and a swapping operation took place without any ransom
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

UN offices to continue working in Yemen, including FAO
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-05 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-05 18:10:00 GMT

[05/ãÇÑÓ/2015] SANA'A, March 05 (Saba) – The UN Offices, including the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), will keep working in Yemen during the next phase, FAO representative in Yemen Salah al-Hajj Hassan said on Thursday. Hassan confirmed that FAO would continue its activities in the food security area in light of the current difficult conditions and the crisis experienced by the country
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Two wounded in IED explosion in Taiz
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-05 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-05 18:10:00 GMT

[05/ãÇÑÓ/2015] TAIZ, March 05 (Saba) – Two people were slightly injured in an Improvised explosive device (IED) blast at a garbage dump in central of Taiz city, a security source said on Thursday. The two wounded were rushed to one of the city's hospitals for treatment, the source added, pointing that the security services are investigating the accident to find out the perpetrator and his motives
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Second Iranian medical aid shipment arrives in Sana'a
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-05 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-05 15:10:00 GMT

[05/ãÇÑÓ/2015] SANA'A, March 05 (Saba) – An Iranian plane arrived Thursday in Sana'a International Airport carrying the second shipment of Iranian medical aid to Yemen. The shipment weighs seven tons and includes blankets, rugs and medical supplies, an official at the Iranian Red Crescent told Saba, adding that there are other assistance will arrive Yemen soon
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Aden University, UNHCR sign cooperation protocol
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 18:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] ADEN, March 04 (Saba) – The Refugees and Displaced Studies Center of the Faculty of Law at Aden University and the UNHCR office in Aden province signed on Wednesday a cooperation protocol. Under the protocol, the UNHCR will provide financial support for the center to organize training courses to promote legalities, qualify the Law Faculty cadres and develop the activities of the security and judicial organs in Aden
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

UNSC calls on political parties to reach political agreement
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 15:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] NEW YORK, March 04 (Saba) – The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) renewed on Wednesday its call for all political parties in Yemen to implement the Council's relevant resolutions, especially the resolution 2201. The council urged Yemeni political parties to reach a political agreement based on the Gulf initiative and the Peace and National Partnership Agreement (PNPA), confirming its respect to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

MSF's activities in Amran province discussed
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 15:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] AMRAN, March 04 (Saba) – The Governor of Amran province Faisal Ja'man discussed on Wednesday with a delegation of Medecins Sans Borders (MSF) of France the organization's activities in the province. The meeting touched on mechanisms to enhance the cooperation and develop the health services and the possibility of supporting health care services for motherhood and childhood and the health sector's programs
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

Yemen presides Asia-Pacific Group
(Yemen News Agency (Saba)) 2015-03-04 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 12:10:00 GMT

[04/ãÇÑÓ/2015] NEW YORK, March 04 (Saba) – Yemen has presided the Asia-Pacific Group to the United Nation for the current round. After the delivery ceremony held Tuesday, Yemen's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Khalid al-Yamani expressed his appreciation over the efforts exerted by the Republic of Vanuatu representative during his presidency of the group for the last period
[source: Yemen News Agency (Saba)]

IED explosion kills three soldiers, one citizen in Hadramout
( 2015-03-03 - Retrieved at: 2015-03-04 00:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- Three soldiers of the 135th Infantry Brigade in Hadramout were killed and two others wounded when a road-side explosive device exploded in al-Qaten in Hadramout on Tuesday, a military source said. One citizen was also killed and others injured in the terrorist incident, the source said
[source: Almotamar Net]

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