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Ansaru Al-Sharia claims attack on residence of Iran Yemen envoy
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-12-04
The Ansaru Al-Sharia claimed its responsibility for the car bomb that targeted the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Yemen on Wednesday. The group said in a statement several people including Iranians were killed and others injured in the explosion which it described as "very big". "Despite tight security measures by the security forces and the Houthi popular committees, our members parked and exploded the explosives-laden car at the target without interception,"

Tribes form popular committee amid persistent Houthi attempts to seize oil-rich Marib
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-12-03
Tribes in Yemen's Marib governorate are continuing their mobilization to face any attempts by the Houthi Militant Group to seize their city. On Tuesday, the tribes met and discussed all arrangements for protecting the oil-rich Marib. Local sources said the tribes have formed popular committees and ordered them to defend oil and gas projects

Four soldiers killed, three injured in Yemen attacks
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-12-02
At least four soldiers were killed and three others injured in explosions against two military patrols in Yemen's southern governorate of Abyan. Local security sources said a roadside bomb was detonated when on of the patrols passed in the Mahfad district killing the four soldiers and injuring two others

Yemen says salaries are secured, warn of fabrications
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-12-01
The Finance Ministry has denied media reports which said the government does not have money to give the salaries of the state employees this month. The official agency Saba quoted the ministry's spokesperson Jamil Al-Doais as saying the salaries of the employees are secured and that reports about inability to give them were baseless

UN meetings discuss Yemen peace, sanctions on transition obstructionists
(Yemen Post Staff) - 2014-11-27
The US Special Envoy on Yemen Jamal Benomar has met with representatives from the factions which signed the peace and national partnership agreement in September. The meeting in the capital city of Sanaa was dedicated to discussing progress in implementing the terms of the UN-sponsored deal. Since he arrived in the country for a fresh days ago, Benomar has met with commanders from the Defense and Interior Ministries and the Intelligence Apparatuses and discussed the security terms within

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Yemen still facing immense challenges: UN envoy Benomar
( 2014-12-12 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-12 18:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- The United Nations special envoy for Yemen Jamal Benomar said on Thursday that Yemen was still facing daunting political, economic and security challenges. He made the remarks after briefing the UN Security Council on the developments in Yemen. He said he briefed the council on "the enormous challenges Yemen is facing on the political, economic and security fields," Benomar told reporters after the meeting
[source: Almotamar Net]

Yemen, UNICEF sign 2015 action plan
( 2014-12-11 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-12 18:10:00 GMT

- Yemen and the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) signed on Thursday a joint action plan for 2015. The plan includes the pledges of the government and its development partners to make developmental programs at the central and governorate levels. Following the signing, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mohamed al-Maitami hailed the level of cooperation between Yemen and UNICEF, valuing highly the aid provides by UNICEF to Yemen in all
[source: Almotamar Net]

Yemen denounces Israel killing Palestinian minister
( 2014-12-10 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-12 18:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- The Republic of Yemen has strongly denounced the Israeli aggression which led to the killing of the Palestinian Minister and Head of Popular Committee Against the Settlement and Apartheid Ziad Abu Ain. "While the Republic of Yemen denounces this brutal assault, it shoulders Israel the responsibility of this atrocious act that contradicts humanitarian values," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release issued on Wednesday
[source: Almotamar Net]

IFAD holds workshop on Yemen's projects executive mechanism
( 2014-12-09 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-12 18:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has held in Amman, Jordan, a four-day workshop on the implementation of Yemen's project portfolio. The workshop, which started on Monday, also intends to review the general conditions and adopted procedures for all IFAD projects and financing agreements
[source: Almotamar Net]

Army foils al-Qaeda attack in Hadramout
( 2014-12-08 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-12 18:10:00 GMT

- Army troops thwarted on Tuesday an al-Qaeda suicide attack by two bomb cars targeted the First Military Region in Sayoun city, Hadramout, a military official said. Defense Ministry's website quoted the military official as saying "Two bomb cars were destroyed, after terrorists tried to enter the region by them
[source: Almotamar Net]

GCC official: Yemen on the prim of catastrophe due to foreign influence
( 2014-12-07 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-08 00:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdul Latif bin Rashid al-Zayani has warned that Yemen is on the prim of a looming catastrophe because of foreign influence and private interests of some parties in the crisis Yemen has witnessed. This was mentioned in his speech at the 10th round of the Manama Dialogue which is taking place during 5 – 7 December in the Bahraini capital, Manama
[source: Almotamar Net]

US, South African hostages killed during rescue bid
( 2014-12-06 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-08 00:10:00 GMT

- A US journalist and a South African citizen held by al-Qaeda in Yemen were killed during a rescue attempt by US and Yemeni forces, the Supreme Security Committee (SSC) said on Saturday. A security crackdown was carried out by Yemeni Counter-terrorism forces in coordination with U.S. forces to free the two hostages who were held at the terrorist Saeed al-Daghari's house in Abadan village in Shabwa province, an official source at the SSC told Saba
[source: Almotamar Net]

GCC Secretary General condemns attack on Iranian diplomat residence in Sana'a
( 2014-12-05 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-08 00:10:00 GMT
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- Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdullatif al-Zayani has strongly condemned the bombing attack at the residence of the Iranian ambassador to Yemen. In a press statement , al-Zayani said that the Yemeni political forces and all the Yemeni people components must stand against terrorists who want to destroy security and stability of Yemen
[source: Almotamar Net]

US, France condemn attack on Iranian envoy's residence in Yemen
( 2014-12-04 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-08 00:10:00 GMT

- The U.S. denounced on Thursday the bomb attack on the Iranian ambassador's residence in Sana'a, calling for a "thorough" investigation. "The United States condemns the bombing at the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Sana’a earlier on Wednesday and expresses its condolences to the families of the victims,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf was quoted as saying in a statement
[source: Almotamar Net]

Bomb car targets Iranian ambassador residence
( 2014-12-03 - Retrieved at: 2014-12-05 00:10:00 GMT
almotamar_eng photo
- A man was killed on Wednesday when a bomb car targeted the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Sana'a. A security official said that the victim is the son of the ambassador's bodyguard, adding that almost 17 people were wounded in the explosion that was occurred in the diplomatic quarter
[source: Almotamar Net]

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